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Our extensive experience in litigation, and history of serving as trusted counsel for leading corporations and executives, individuals and families has equipped us to guide you through the litigation landscape to a successful resolution. We can serve as your trusted partner with:

  • Business disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Representation in mediations and arbitrations
  • Early settlement strategies and negotiations
  • Legal services cost and invoice audits
  • Mediator services


Eric Blatt has dedicated over a decade of his career to practicing at the highest level of complex litigation and trial law in California. As a Clerk to Justice David Eagleson of the California Supreme Court, Eric served as a member of the chamber staff and performed initial legal reviews of civil case Petitions for Review. He also prepared detailed legal briefs for the justices and edited Supreme Court opinions during consideration conferences involving the full Bench. Eric began representing clients in litigation in 1991, as an Associate and then Partner with Gordon Rees/GRMS LLP, an AmLaw 100 national firm and a Global 200 firm.

Eric has appeared in over a dozen Superior Court jurisdictions throughout California on behalf of clients, as well as in Federal District Courts in the 9th Circuit and the United States Court of Appeal. He handles complex cases involving substantial assets in dispute.

When his clients have more on the line than ever before, Eric takes pride in providing expert counsel. His vast experience in investigation and discovery, at trial and through appeals includes work on cases with highly sophisticated counterparties and against some of the largest law firms in the world. He also performs appellate analyses and has provided his counsel on briefings, including before the United States Supreme Court.


Our goal is to resolve every dispute early. And fast. We are aware of the costs of litigation to you — in money, time, and business opportunities.

We have experienced seeing the long-term benefits to clients of early resolution of disputes. We have also seen the costs of full-blown litigation and trial. Often, the only benefit of lengthy litigation is to the lawyers. But we believe your interests come first.

Eric has been representing clients in Alternative Dispute Resolution, including mediations and arbitrations for over 25 years. His expertise in a broad variety of legal conflict has allowed Eric to successfully represent his clients in mediation conferences for over 500 cumulative hours. In the course of his efforts on behalf of clients, he has successfully settled many complex claims, including those in excess of $30 Million. Eric completed mediation training and coursework at the University of California, Berkeley, and has provided mediation services for private clients throughout California. Since 2013, he has mediated civil rights and other claims by citizens against the San Francisco Police Department and its police officers.