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Save your money for the victory party


We are flexible in our approach to pricing our services. After an initial consultation, we – together with you – will determine if your legal matter is best served by our hourly or flat-rate structures, or a combination of both.

Blatt Law provides you in-house legal experience with a founder’s spirit and a deep appreciation for cost constraints. We offer affordable advice and services. We are experts in helping you manage other legal specialists and vendors as you grow.

Law firms of any size have an incentive to keep your business in the firm. Large regional and “mega” national firms have the greatest incentive to keep all of your business for as long as you allow — at the highest hourly rates in your region or even the country.

Blatt Law takes a different approach. Eric Blatt has developed a business model called “Flexible Staffing and Central Management of Professional Services”. Our clients are represented by the highest quality attorneys and legal staff depending on the nature of your case, thus maximizing budgets and minimizing unnecessary fees and overhead costs.

Blatt Law has the skill and capacity to serve the same complex projects handled by mega-law firms but extend to you our flexibility in fee arrangements.

To the extent your needs and requirements will allow, Blatt Law will use – and most importantly, manage – its independent contractors selected selected for your specific needs to provide lower cost services to you, from junior attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, and clerks.

If your matter requires highly specialized legal or business expertise, Blatt Law will recommend and negotiate with independent attorneys and experts to provide you with both specific and defined services, most often with two or three finalists for your approval.

Examples of experts retained on behalf of clients and closely managed on clients’ behalf include:

  • Sponsorship sales expert to value in-game advertising for lease
  • Civil engineer experienced in construction on wetlands
  • Patent attorney for medical devices and surgical materials
  • Investment Banker for Nevada State Municipal Bond Offering Issuance
  • Valuation expert for 409A compliance and Series B offering
  • Stadium construction management for review of contractor agreements
  • Forensic accountant to quantify damages from breach of software license
  • UX consulting and testing

We take a personal approach to client engagement. We believe in close communication. For example, Blatt Law does not charge for brief calls with clients to receive and give updates. We believe having the best and up-to-date information is the best way to represent your interests — we encourage calls, so we do not charge for updates on matters we work on together.

We have the capacity to efficiently handle your matter with just Blatt Law’s Chief Attorney, Eric Blatt. We also fulfill the same complex projects handled by mega-law firms through the work of our expanded team of professionals. In all matters, extend to you our flexibility in fee arrangements. We believe in structuring engagements based on your unique requirements.